WeDigital Technologies is a hub of technologies which gives birth to innovative digital platforms. It specialises in mobile technology inclusive of internet-related services and products. Hottnoise, Rejoice App and Black Prime TV are some of the mobile applications produced by WeDigital Technologies.

WeDigital Technologies is a South African innovative organizations delivering online marketing and advertising technology platform solutions to end users all over the world.

Our platform services offer cutting-edge online marketing solutions across a range of industry and technology segments to Enterprises and Independent Vendors (IVs). We deliver online marketing, advertising services, pay per click, social media optimization, content development & distribution, mobile marketing and push notification marketing

Vision Statement We strive to develop groundbreaking platforms that will create great opportunities in the fourth industrial revolution.

Fresh off the shelf, Hottnoise is a social media solution for the entertainment industry. Content creators now have a formidable space to grow profits from the content they created.

The financial model sees promoters participating in content revenue, this is based on traffic that is directed by the promoters to links of shared third party content.

Hottnoise is a free platform that allows its users to post images, stream and download music, listen to global radio stations, watch entertaining shows, DM’s and can also be used to vote and so much more.

Now people can use their popularity to earn revenue through their personal content on this ground- breaking social media platform.



Rejoice App is An interactive platform which brings Christians together, to shape and positively impact lives. It is a multi-media app where amongst other functions the pastors are content creators. Pastors are able to upload their sermons onto the platform for free, thereby amplifying their messages to a much larger audience. The app also features Christian radio stations, catch up and live TV shows.

We partner with media houses to shape the Gospel industry for the market to provide tailor-made event solutions to drive content to the Christian community with key approach, leaving everlasting impressions while we nurture and develop South Africa’s and African Gospel industry to the next level.

black prime tv

Black Prime TV is a mass driven Television Channel, promoting the interests of the current generation [Urban Youth and the elderly that are young at heart] through entertainment.

The platform channel speaks to the diverse population that has been created out of the interests of what the current generation chooses to consume in their diversity, in South Africa, Africa & Globally.

Through emotionally and conceptually relevant content and communication strategies that reach the heart and soul of our consumers, we resonate with a mass range of great audiences.

Core content definition: Lifestyle/Reality TV, Drama, Series & Movies.